Scholarships for Monterey Bay Area High School Graduates

Scholarships for Monterey Bay Area High School Graduates

Scholarships for Monterey Bay Area High School Graduates

2019 Recipient

Steve Pintar

Scholarships for Monterey Bay Area High School Graduates

Internal Scholarship at Local Hospital

Internal Scholarship at Local Hospital

Internal Scholarship at Local Hospital


Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula Braxton Stuntz Memorial Scholarship (External Opportunity)

Braxton enjoyed helping his classmates learn, write study guides, and even offer his photography skills to a project. He loved helping the younger Boy Scouts with their merit badge work.  

The Braxton Stuntz Foundation is honored that CHOMP, the local hospital, created a special award for a deserving students of faculty. See below the first recipient!

Braxton Stuntz Foundation Books Scholarship 

Braxton can still help young people ​through the BSF Books Scholarship. Fill out the application below. The winner will receive one semester of book reimbursement. 

2020 CHOMP Scholarship Recipient

Gabrielle Schmidt

Hello! My name is Gabrielle Schmidt, and I’m currently a junior at York School. It is such an honor to receive the Braxton Stuntz Memorial Scholarship. Outside of the classroom, I play three varsity sports, field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse for my school. I’ve enjoyed the experience of being a part of a team and the friendships I have built. Other activities that I’m involved in are my school’s choir and chamber choir programs, student council as one of the activities coordinator for my class, and York’s Shield program. The most rewarding activity I do outside of my school is working at my local synagogue, Congregation Beth Israel. On Sundays, I work as a Madricha, or a teacher’s aide for the religious school program. My Jewish faith is important to me, and I enjoy helping young kids learn about the holidays, prayers and other traditions I have grown up with. Although I like all of my classes, I have always been drawn to math and science the most, and hope to study the health sciences going forward in my education. This summer, I was looking forward to traveling to Cambodia to work at the Children’s Surgical Centre, a hospital that, besides providing medical services to the local population, trains local health workers. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that I will be able to go due to COVID-19, but I am currently looking for other healthcare-related opportunities this summer.

2019 BSF Book Scholarship Recipient

Steve Pintar

Application for Braxton's Scholarship:  

Please cut and paste into a Word document, 

First, Last Name

Contact Address

Phone Number 


Dear Student,

Thank you for applying for this scholarship. Braxton Stuntz was a young man who grew up in Carmel, California. It was always a part of him to help others. Through this scholarship award, he will continue in spirit to help others as they prepare to attend college.

Currently, we are offering one semester of books to be paid by the Foundation. Please read the criteria for reimbursement below and initial as your understanding and agreement to each item:

_____ I am currently enrolled in a college or university.

_____ Please attach a copy of proof of attendance to college for the upcoming semester.

_____ I intend to obtain a: _______ 2 year degree or _______4 year degree.

_____ Please state total income of both parents combined, whether residing at the same address or not.

_____ Parents names, phone number, occupation.

                Total income combined-           ____   $30,000- 60,000       _____70,000-90,000 

____ 100,000- 120,000      _____ 130,000- 150,000       ____ 160,000 +

____ Once you are enrolled and approved for reimbursement by the Foundation, please purchase all books. Please purchase second-hand textbooks whenever possible. Save and send all receipts to PO box 2504 Carmel Ca 93921. 

____Only purchase necessary books. Please respect the Foundation’s donations, and know that we want to help as many students as possible. 

_____We will perform checks to confirm that a book was purchased new not used because it was not available. Do not delay in buying books, as used materials are bought more rapidly.

Sincerely,   Michael Stuntz and Ruth Baltes, Founder, Braxton Stuntz Foundation   831-521-7987





Dear Scholarship Selection Committee:


My name is (______________________ and I am applying for the Braxton Stuntz Foundation scholarship.



1. Why are you applying for this particular scholarship. Tell us about you, your family, your background and anything else that may be of interest.


2. What have you done during your school Years that you feel will guide you to a career?

Tell us about some of the classes you have taken and any extra-curricular clubs, sports, and activities. Mention your hobbies, outside interests and any job or volunteer experience that you may have. You may want to mention any valuable experience you have gained from a particular volunteer effort.

3. After I graduate from high school what do you see yourself doing?

Tell us about your plans for the future, as they apply to the scholarship. Mention the school that you will go to, and what you intend to study. Are you going to go to seek a job and go to school at the same time? What are your plans for after college? Most importantly, describe why you need the scholarship money. How will this scholarship help you? Have you received other scholarship funds already?

When the application is completed please email a word document with the above questions to