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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Educational Endowment in Cambodia

Update, February 14, 2020

BSF sponsors 10 children in Cambodia!

Jan 17, 2020

Braxton's dad just returned from Cambodia where he explored options and details on helping children. Braxton was dedicated to returning to Cambodia and helping the children he saw in pain and in need.  Braxton Stuntz Foundation is teaming up with ALLKids. The chosen program prepares kids for vocational careers, improves infrastructure, works with local existing schools, access to medical care,  and more. 

Braxton was aware of what he had, and what others did not. In his name, we will fulfill his goals to help others. 

 If you are interested in sponsoring a child one time or $30 per month, we can provide you with the child's bio, including photo, living situation, their aspirations for the future, and more. go to the "Get Involved" tab and email us.  

Additionally, we will be providing funds for a list of items desperately needed such as proper plumbing and school supplies.  




Loss & Hope Gala Benefit Event for Braxton Stuntz Foundation: 

October 10 TENTATIVE, Quail Lodge, 6:00-10 pm. Tickets: $ 200 each. Guest Speaker, Foundation presentation, musical performances, dinner. Contact us for tickets! All proceeds go to projects. We do not have salaried workers. 


Gala Table

Braxton Stuntz Foundation donates to Children's Hospital of Cambodia

In July 2019, we made a substantial financial donation to the non-profit hospital Children's Surgical Centre (CSC.ORG) in Phnom Penh. This gift will help provide healthcare and surgical services to impoverished locals who would otherwise not have access to the care they desperately need.
Braxton aspired to be a surgeon and traveled with his surgeon father to this hospital in Cambodia on medical missions. 

BSF Supports and Sponsors Cambodian Children with the AllKids Organization in Pandemic

Update, June 17, 2020 

Yesterday AllKids was able to reopen their day care centers. This is a video taken a month ago. Children were scavenging through rotting garbage on the dump site. The smell was vile and it broke the Director of Allkids heart to see these kids being used as child labourers under such shocking conditions. Today, these kids are clean, happy and engaged in their activities - and away from the horrific dump site. They have managed to move 8 families away from the dump and back into village but another family simply take their place on the dump. WeThe older kids who have been on the program for 5 or more years, are moving off the dump and gaining meaningful employment once they are of age.Thank you Braxton for showing us the way.

Braxton and Dad

Braxton in the operating room

Braxton and Dad

Videos from Children's Hospital in Cambodia

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