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Helping others with quiet strength


amazing 2500 toys!

thank you monterey county!!

B for Bee

Kyla Linville will be the Master of Ceremonies at the BSF Gala! 

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BSF Toy Drive on KSBW 

Photo by  Braxton Stuntz 

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Mission and Values

The Braxton Stuntz Foundation was founded in 2019 in memory and honor of Braxton Stuntz. This foundation aims to give back to the communities Braxton was a part of and passionate about. BSF focuses on financial assistance of local and international education. We also follow Braxton's heart in feeding and providing necessities to our local neighbors. Braxton cared about children and we donate holiday gifts to the homeless, sheltered, and hospitalized children in his honor.

The unique lens through which Braxton saw the world is showcased in his photography which is available for purchase with all proceeds donated directly to these local and international communities in need. We do not have salaried staff. You can be sure your donations are going to the causes Braxton believed in. 

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Our Mission

Helping others with quiet strength​




Monterey, California

International Assistance

Phnom Penh, Cambodia



Monterey, California

Thank you!

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